New Integration

The new integration with QuickBooks Online, one of the world’s most used Accounting & Financial Reporting tool. With this new native integration, resellers will be able to propagate CloudBlue Commerce orders into QuickBook’s invoices, facilitating their invoicing and billing processes. Synchronizing between Reseller Marketplace and QuickBooks allows a reseller to process order placement and invoicing within the two systems more efficiently.

With the QuickBooks integration, the following scenarios are now supported:

  • Synchronizing between Reseller Marketplace and QuickBooks, including:
    • New subscriptions
    • Existing subscriptions
    • Usage-based subscriptions
    • Creating a QuickBooks product
    • Importing customers to Reseller Marketplace from QuickBooks
    • Mapping customers and products between Reseller Marketplace and QuickBooks
    • Creating Invoices in QuickBooks directly from CloudBlue Commerce

Here you can find the documentation regarding our QuickBooks integration.

Known limitations

  • Currently, only one PSA integration is supported for a reseller. If you already have one system integrated and want to change it to another one, please contact the support team. If you want to use several PSA integrations at once, please notify the support team about this.
  • Subscription cancellation synchronization is not supported in the QuickBooks integration. It will be included in the upcoming releases.

Changes in Autotask Integration

Cancellation orders are now supported in Autotask.