New integrations with Xero and Syncro

We are proud to release two new native integrations with CloudBlue Commerce: Xero and SyncroMSP.

  • Xero is one of the world’s most used Accounting & Financial Reporting tools.
  • Syncro is a Combined RMM and PSA Platform that provides invoicing, credit card payments, help desk, customer management, and more managed IT services.

With these native integrations, resellers will be able to propagate CloudBlue Commerce orders into Xero’s or Syncro’s invoices, facilitating their billing processes.

Synchronizing between Reseller Marketplace and Xero or Syncro allows a reseller to process order placement and perform invoicing within the two systems more efficiently.

Synchronization of Reseller Marketplace and Xero or Syncro includes the following:

  • New subscriptions,
  • Existing subscriptions,
  • Usage-based subscriptions,
  • Creating a product in Xero or Syncro,
  • Importing customers to Reseller Marketplace from Syncro or Xero,
  • Mapping customers and products between Reseller Marketplace and Syncro or Xero,
  • Creating Invoices in Xero or Syncro directly from CBC.

Learn more in the Xero Integration ( and Syncro Integration ( documentation sections.

Known Limitations

  • Currently, only one PSA integration is supported for a reseller.
  • PSA integrations are not supported under the provider account.