New MSPs

After ordering licenses from Ingram Micro's marketplace, you must complete the following:

  1. Accept invitation email to EMA to configure the first user
  2. Add any additional users that require access to licenses and provide the proper access rights


  1. If you are using an On-Prem installation of ESET PROTECT, please ensure that the pre-requisites are met
  2. Then complete one of the following installation steps:
  3. Next, import the licenses to the ESET PROTECT Server
  4. After adding the licenses, you can continue with the deployment process by either using the MSP setup option or any of the other deployment options:
  5. Any additional licenses provisioned will automatically show in the ESET PROTECT Server if the user that imported the licenses has read/write access to the customer in EMA.


Existing MSPs

Your account should have already been migrated to the new version of EMA.

Please refer to the article: ESET: FAQs for the Frequently Asked Questions about ESET licenses.