Before any Azure Reserved Instances (RI) can be purchased or billed through the Ingram Micro Platform, you must first provision the $0 Azure NCE Reserved Instances & Savings Plan SKU for the End User who requires the Reservations.

For instructions on how to set up and purchase RIs for your End Users, you can use our existing Knowledge Base Article as a guide here: 20 Azure NCE Reserved Instances (RIs) – First Order 


Azure Reserved Instances will be billed separately from the Azure NCE charges.


When you are purchasing a Reservation on the Azure portal (Refer to KB Article Above) make sure you pay attention to what the monthly cost of the RI is because this is the last time that you will see the cost of the reservation on the Azure Portal.


After the reservation has been purchased, the only place you will see the cost is through the Ingram Micro platform. We have existing KB articles to both view your Ingram Micro Orders and Invoices, as well as filter the costs of an RDE report. 

09 Filter Azure costs from the RDE report 

02 How to View & Download Invoices and other Financial Documents 

A RI is a reservation of service resources (most commonly compute) that can provide a significant discount compared to Pay-as-you-Go pricing. Microsoft provides a discounted hourly rate in exchange for committed level of usage for a 1- or 3-year term. You can view the Microsoft documentation for reservations here:

What are Azure Reservations?


The cost savings for your RI will be reflected automatically in your end customers Azure Portal (ACM link to azure cost management) as well as the Ingram Micro Invoice.