If you need to cancel or exchange a reservation, please submit a support ticket to Modern Support at

Exchange Policies

  • You can return multiple existing reservations to purchase one new reservation of the same type. You cannot exchange reservations of one type for another. For example, you cannot return a VM reservation to purchase a SQL reservation. You can change a reservation property such as family, series, version, SKU, region, quantity, and term with an exchange.
  • An exchange is processed as a refund and a repurchase – different transactions are created for the cancellation and the reservation purchase. The prorated reservation amount is refunded for the reservation that is traded in. You are charged fully for the new purchase. The prorated reservation amount is the daily prorated residual value of the reservation being returned.
  • You can exchange or refund reservations even if the enterprise agreement used to purchase the reservation is expired and was renewed as a new agreement.
  • The new reservation’s lifetime commitment should equal or be greater than the returned remaining commitment. Example: For a three-year reservation that is $100 per month and exchanged after the 18th payment, the new reservation’s lifetime commitment should be $1,800 or more (paid monthly or upfront).
  • The new reservation purchased as part of the exchange has a new term starting from the time of exchange.
  • There is no penalty or annual limits for exchanges.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • Microsoft is not currently charging an early termination fee, but in the future, there might be a 12% early termination fee for cancellations.
  • The total canceled commitment cannot exceed $50,000 USD in a 12-month rolling window for a billing profile or single enrollment. For example, for a three-year reservation (36 months) that is $100 USD per month, and it is refunded in the 12th month, the canceled commitment is $2,400 USD (for the remaining 24 months). After the refund, your new available limit for refund will be $47,600 (50,000-2,400). In 365 days from the refund, the 47,600 USD limit will be increased by $2,400 USD and your new pool will be $50,000 USD. Any other reservation cancellation for the billing profile or EA enrollment will deplete the same pool, and the same replenishment logic will apply.
  • Azure will not process any refund that will exceed the $50,000 USD limit in a 12-month window for a billing profile or EA enrollment. Refunds that result from an exchange do not count against the refund limit.
  • Refunds are calculated based on the lowest price of either your purchase price or the current price of the reservation. 
  • For CSP program, the $50,000 USD limit is per customer.
  • The refund that results from the exchange does not count against the refund.