Customers can choose to move their Azure subscription from a direct payment method to an indirect payment method. Direct means the Customer pays Microsoft directly. Moving to an indirect relationship means that the Indirect Reseller will be responsible for invoicing the Customer. The Customer will now pay the Indirect Reseller which will be routed through Ingram Micro to Microsoft.


Below are the Ingram Micro and Microsoft steps you’ll have to take to complete migration.

  1. Add Customer information to your Reseller Control Panel. Reference How To Add a New Customer.
  2. Customer must add Ingram Micro as an authorized distributor. Reference Accepting the Microsoft CSP Relationship.
  3. Create a new Azure subscription for this customer. Reference How to create an Azure NCE subscription ID.
  4. Follow steps listed in Move resources to a new resource group or subscription to complete Azure transfer.
  5. Confirm by checking the applicable Customer Control Panel to ensure Azure subscription is present and reflects active usage.

Please note:
This process is not a transfer but a migration of resources from a Direct subscription to an Indirect subscription.

This process only allows resources to be transferred between subscriptions under the same tenant domain.

You may find that some resources cannot be transferred. In this scenario, you may have to complete a manual migration .

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