Customers have the option to transfer their Azure NCE subscriptions to another Cloud Solution Provider other than Ingram Micro. For Customers looking to leave Ingram Micro as their Cloud Solution Provider, follow the steps below.

This process only applies to US. For other regions, reach out to your Cloud Sales Representative.


For more information regarding Azure NCE transfers and key considerations, please refer to the Microsoft Doc: Transfer a customer's Azure plan subscriptions to a different partner 

Process Overview


The current Indirect Reseller, Customer, and future Indirect Reseller/Cloud Solution Provider MUST all be aware and in agreement of the Azure NCE transition before any transfer requests can be initiated.

  1. Coordinate with future Indirect Reseller and/or future Cloud Solution Provider to initiate the Azure NCE transfer request. A Transfer Request ID is generated. Ensure you have this ID from the future Cloud Solution Provider before proceeding.
  2. Complete the Azure NCE Outbound Transfer request form. Form will be automatically routed to the Modern Support Team for processing. The Reseller Point of Contact (POC) listed will also receive a copy of the form submission. The Modern Support Team will review and accept the transfer request and will notify the Reseller POC when the Azure NCE transfer request has been completed.

Additional Information

  1. Azure Reservations will move with the subscription to the future Cloud Solution Provider. 
  2. Admin on Behalf Of (AOBO) will not be granted by default to the future partner. The Indirect Reseller and/or End Customer will need to coordinate with the new Cloud Solution Provider to enable AOBO.
  3. Third-party marketplace products will transfer as long as the products pass the Marketplace eligibility check.
    • There are no special discounts or regional restrictions
    • The products are non-subscription based
    • The future partner should work with the publisher to make sure they are on the allow-list for deployment of the product
    • If not all of these conditions are met in order to transfer the Marketplace products should be canceled, the Azure subscriptions transferred, and then repurchase of Marketplace products with the new partner
  4. It’s the future Cloud Solution Provider's responsibility to initiate the transfer request. Current Cloud Solution Provider's are unable to initiate any NCE transfer requests. Microsoft cannot intervene on behalf of the Customer or the current Partner. The Customer should plan to work closely with their future and current Indirect Reseller and/or Cloud Solution Provider to make the transition go smoothly.
  5. Once the transfer request is complete, Ingram Micro will no longer act as the Billing Partner for the End Customer and will not have access to the transferred Azure NCE subscriptions.
  6. Transfer requests are active for 30 days. If they’re not accepted within the 30 days, the future Cloud Solution Provider must create a new transfer request.
  7. The transfer process doesn’t disrupt any existing Azure resources.
  8. Azure Plan ID’s will always stay with the current Cloud Solution Provider. Only Azure Subscription ID’s can be transferred.

For questions or concerns, reach out to the Modern Support Team at imcloudservicedesk.us@cloud.im