There are times when as a Global Administrator in Microsoft Entra ID (Entra), you may not have access to all subscriptions and managed groups in your directory. Typically a Global Admin will look for a recently purchased Azure subscription but cannot find it within the Azure Portal.

This article describes the way that you can elevate your access to view all subscriptions and management groups.

Only those with Global Administrator access on the tenant in question can perform the following successfully. 

Elevate Access for a Global Administrator - Microsoft Entra ID Admin Center

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Entra Admin Center as a Global Administrator.
  2. Open Microsoft Entra ID. 
  3. Under Manage, select Properties.
  4. Under Access management for Azure resources, set the toggle to Yes.

    • Note: When you set the toggle to Yes, you are assigning the User Access Administrator Role in Azure RBAC at root scope (/). This action will grant you permission to assign roles including owner access to anyone within the organization including yourself.
  5. Click Save to save your setting.
  6. For the changes to be reflected, you must sign out and sign back in to refresh your access.

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