As of August 2017, Microsoft invites Ingram Micro's Resellers to register, as an “Indirect Reseller”, within the Partner Center. The advantages include:

  • Ingram Micro will be able to see all their End Customers and Resellers even from traditional sales.
  • Ingram Micro Resellers will be able to see all their End Customers and the associated Distributor.
  • Re-sellers will be able to display customized ‘Support Information’ in the Customers’ account on the Microsoft Portal (refer to How to: Add Your Own Support Contact Information to Microsoft Portal’ for detailed instructions).

Steps to complete “Indirect Re-seller” registration

Step 1 - Create a Partner Center Account

Resellers should create an account in the Microsoft Partner Center. This should have already been set up but if not, a new one can be set up following the steps detailed here:

Step 2 - Confirm and authorize the Ingram Micro – Reseller Relationship

  1. Open the appropriate Regional Partner Center link (Please refer to the table below that lists all the regional partner center links). You may be required to sign in to Partner Center account again.
    Indirect Reseller Relationship Request
    Australia (AU)
    Austria (AT)
    Belgium (BE)
    Brazil (BR)
    Canada (CA)
    Chile (CL)
    Colombia (CO)
    Costa Rica (CR)
    Egypt (EG)
    France (FR)
    Germany (DE)
    Hongkong (HK)
    Hungary (HU)
    India (IN) New
    Indonesia (ID)
    Italy (IT)
    Lebanon (LB)
    Malaysia (MY)
    Mexico (MX)
    Morocco (MA)
    Netherlands (NL)
    New Zealand (NZ)
    North Macedonia
    Norway (NO)
    Oman (OM)
    Pakistan (PK)
    Poland (PO)
    Peru (PE)
    Puerto Rico (PR)
    Saudi Arabia (SA)
    Singapore (SG)
    Spain (ES)
    Sweden (SE)
    Switzerland (CH)
    Thailand (TH)
    Turkey (TR)
    United Arab Emirates (AE)
    United Kingdom (UK)
    United States (US)

  2. On the ‘Confirm partnership’ page, check the ‘I agree and confirm that this Microsoft indirect provider can sell Cloud Services to my customers, and will receive delegated admin permissions on my Azure AD account.’ box and then click the Authorize indirect provider button.

  3. Once you have completed the above steps, you can go to ‘Indirect providers’ page, in your Partner Center account, to check the following:



    Location on Partner Center


    Is Ingram Micro listed as my Indirect Provider?

    Dashboard > Indirect Providers


    Which Customers do I currently share with Ingram Micro?

    Dashboard > Indirect Providers > View customers


    Want to ask a new customer to authorize Reseller relationships with both you and Ingram Micro?

    Dashboard > Indirect Providers > Invite new customers