This article provides steps for settling unpaid invoices in the Xvantage Portal.


For Net Terms

  1. To pay unpaid invoices, log into the Xvantage Portal. On the home screen at the top, click Pay Invoices. 
  2. This button will redirect you to Billtrust.
  3. To learn how to navigate the Billtrust portal, go to Exploring your Billtrust Payment Portal.

For Credit Card

  1. To pay unpaid invoices for credit cards, log into the Xvantage Portal, then navigate to My business > Invoices. 
  2. Once on the Invoices screen, select the invoice that needs to be paid by checking the box next to the number. After the invoice(s) is selected the Pay invoice button will become available. 
  3. A pop-up will appear with the option to choose the credit card. 
  4. After choosing the card, click Confirm and pay invoice. Once the paid, a payment successful should appear on the screen.  
  5. The invoice will then go into an In Process status until completed.  
  6. Once the invoice is processed, it will show the paid status.