This article provides step-by-step navigation on how to view or download your invoices or other financial documents (Credit memo & Debit memo) from your Xvantage portal.

There are 2 ways to accomplish accessing your invoices after you have logged onto Xvantage:

1. Log on to Xvantage and from the home screen click View All on the invoice’s widget.


2. Navigate to the left side of the Xvantage portal, click My Business > Click Invoices

3.Within the Invoices section, you may choose from the following:

  • Technology Solutions – Traditional and Hardware Invoices
  •  Cloud Services – Cloud Marketplace Invoicing
  • Cloud Purchases not Invoiced - Items that have been purchased but have not yet appeared on an invoice

4. Under the Cloud Services section, the following information is available:

  • Invoice Due Date – When the invoice needs to be paid by
  • Invoice Date – The date the invoice was generated or issued.
  • Invoice # - Invoice Document Number
  • Reseller PO # - Your custom PO number is entered at purchase.
  • Invoice Amount (incl. tax) 
  • Status – If the invoice is open, paid, partially paid, or overdue.
  • Invoice Type – Invoice, Credit Memo, and Debit Memo.
  • Download 


Setting Custom Filters and Searches

5.Setting Filters – if you want to filter by Invoice Type and Invoice Status, Click this icon and click each box you wish to view.

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6.Searches – You can search by specific information in the search bar.