This document will provide you with the necessary information about how to view order history in the Xvantage portal.

Login to Xvantage and click My Business on the left > then Orders.


From here you can view the following:

  • Order date – The date the order was placed.
  • Reseller PO # - Your custom PO that was added during the purchase.
  • End customer – End Customer Name
  • Order amount – Cost of the order
  • Status – if the order is open, processing, or completed. Action required or canceled.
  • View summary – The detailed breakdown of the order. 


Setting Custom Filters and Searches

Setting Filters:

In the upper right of the orders menu, click  

There are options to select which Status you would like to filter.


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Also, there is an option to Export the orders screen as an Excel spreadsheet.


You can search by specific information in the search bar.