Beginning January 1, 2018, Ingram Micro will no longer accept credit card payments for Net Terms invoices. This means Net Terms accounts will no longer be able to add/save credit card information on their account.

Please follow - Notice of Change to the Acceptance of Credit Card Payments (applicable to Net Term Resellers).

If a Net Terms reseller has a credit card saved on the account, can the reseller still use it to pay outstanding invoices?

Yes, if a credit card is already saved on the account and has not yet expired. Once expired, the system will no longer allow you to add a new credit card unless you permanently switch to a Credit card or Default Terms.

If a Net Terms reseller has a credit card on file but "auto-payment" is off, can it still be used? 

Yes, but payment must be initiated manually. The reseller must locate the outstanding documents and pay them with the existing credit card on file.