Whitespace Analysis 


Whitespace Analysis is a process that involves identifying and uncovering untapped or underutilized spaces within your existing customer base. With the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) driven predictive models, we provide you with invaluable insights into your customers, enabling you to pinpoint new business opportunities and effectively reduce churn. These insights will be delivered to all ULTRA members in the form of a weekly report. 


Below is a summary of existing data captured by Cloud Ascent for AI & ML models: 

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In your report, you can view the breakdown of your end customers by industry, propensity cluster, customer fit score and intent score. These classifications are calculated by ML models to represent the propensity of additional Microsoft workloads for your current customer base.  

Propensity Model Cluster   


Customer propensity reports (Whitespace Analysis) are available for M365, Surface, O365, Dynamics Finance & Ops, Bus. Essentials, Sales Pro, and Azure. 


You must register your partners as a Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) 


Leveraging This Analysis 


Based on 4 classifications provided from the propensity report, you can take any of the following action to best capture end-customer’s interest. 



Note:  the data presented in your report should not be treated as warm leads. Instead, it is a reflection of the outcomes generated by our ML and AI predictive model, which showcases customers' purchase intent and their current stage of association with a reseller within the partner network. 


As these customers are already linked to the partner (you), they cannot be considered as entirely new prospects. However, they do present opportunities for either of two significant strategies: 


  1. Cloud Recruitment (shifting from perpetual to CSP)  

  1. Cloud Cross-selling (such as transitioning from M365 to Azure, D365 to Azure, or MW to D365).  

These opportunities will allow you to expand your cloud services portfolio and maximize growth potential. 


Shall you have any questions, ask us at ultra@ingrammicro.com