This article contains updated information for an enhanced provision process for Pluralsight.  

ULTRA is a strategic membership program designed to help partners achieve sustainable long-term growth by working closely with you to tackle your most significant business challenges, which include cultivating internal technological expertise. 

As part of our commitment to developing your top tech talent and your team's success with ULTRA, we offer you two Pluralsight Skills licenses (Enterprise User Rights), valued at USD 779 each, at no extra charge. Pluralsight helps to upskill your team's technical abilities with complementary vendors and industry-agnostic training from top experts.

How to get Pluralsight Licenses

NoteHave your Cloud Marketplace ID (CMP ID) and Branch Customer Number (BCN) ready. You will need these information when filling out the ULTRA Membership: Pluralsight Credit Request form.

  1. Log in to your country's Cloud Marketplace site. 
  2. Search and purchase the SKU: Pluralsight Skills Enterprise Annual for Resellers - 2 licenses included. 

  1. Once purchased, you will receive a sales order number. Have your sales order number ready.

  2. After your completed purchase and with your sales order number, fill out  ULTRA Membership: Pluralsight Credit Request. 

  3. Upon submission, we will review your purchase and credit back the total worth for 2 Pluralsight Enterprise licenses on your account—no extra cost. 

Note: The crediting process will be provisioned within 2-3 business days from the purchase date.

When filling out the request form, please note the following: 
  • Pluralsight Administrator refers to a team member who manages your organization's Pluralsight plan. This person will receive communication from us about any updates to the platform.
  • Pluralsight access will be provisioned immediately after we receive your request. Access will be available to the email addresses provided for 1 year.  

If you wish to provide additional licenses to your team, you can now purchase through our Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Similar steps as above to expand your talent pool. Ask us at for more details.

What to expect for your ULTRA renewal with Pluralsight  

When you renew your ULTRA membership, your 2 Pluralsight licenses will also be renewed with your membership on Cloud Marketplace. This will require the same process, and we will credit you back with the same form above. 

We will send out a survey three months before the membership renewal date to gather information about your experience with Pluralsight and the ULTRA membership. 

  • If you cancel your ULTRA membership after renewal, you must pay for your Pluralsight licenses. 
  • If you decide not to renew your ULTRA membership, we'll require a 30-day notice. This will be null and void if you already choose to renew your Pluralsight licenses, and we credit your account back. 

Why Pluralsight? 

Pluralsight is a cutting-edge online learning platform that offers a vast library of 7,000+ video courses and 900+ labs in diverse technical disciplines. It is a valuable resource for individuals and teams in 180 countries seeking to boost their skills, stay updated with industry trends, and advance their careers in the ever-changing Technology world. 

With a proven track record of 93% of customers achieving ROI after using Pluralsight in 6-12 months, your organization is more likely to meet business objectives and provide customers with the desired products and services.