Billing - Direct Debit - FAQs

01 Are there different types of Direct Debit Schemes and which one applies to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace?
02 Does the Direct Debit Mandate expire?
03 How long does the transfer take from a current payment method to Direct Debit?
04 How To Setup Direct Debit As Payment Method in New Unified Reseller Control Panel
05 I am an existing Ingram Micro Cloud Reseller, can I sign up for “Direct Debit”?
06 In the mandate email and on the Mandate form to be submitted to the bank, why does it not state Ingram Micro?
07 What are the most common reasons for why a Direct debit payment might fail?
08 What currencies will Direct Debit be available in?
09 What details will be shown on the resellers bank accounts?
10 What information is needed when setting up a Direct Debit Mandate?

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